Welcome to Can-Care

Founded in 1997, Can-Care is the leader in the provision of innovative and personalized cancer care products, educational resources and services for woman who are newly diagnosed with cancer, cancer survivors and their families.

Our mission is to be the preferred service provider caring for our customers for the betterment and enjoyment of Life.

We make our mission a reality by seeking to empower ladies with cancer; improving their total well-being and self esteem by:

Providing the widest range of products possible through a strong network of international suppliers to maintain the lifestyle she enjoyed prior to cancer

Reaching out as a source of counsel

Being an educational resource

Continuously developing and sourcing for programs that will benefit our clients

We believe what we do is important especially because of the changing demograhics of the cancer survivor; she is now younger, educated, interested to know more about cancer, and wants to live as normal a lifestyle as possible post-cancer diagnosis.

As a company, we strive to work actively as social advocates for issues involving cancer. Afterall…

“Why Should Life Be Any Different?”